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Cooper Hill

(dba  Anita Pauwels)

      Turtle Tushies in the Land of Banana Beer  — A Peace Corps Memoir              

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A newly married Texas couple with great teeth join the Peace Corps to teach fish farming among the friendly, hard-working people of Burundi, Africa.  Grappling with motorcycles, banana beer, bugs, frogs, charcoal-spewing imbabulas, mud, tons of rain, falling down, getting up, political uncertainties, and language and cultural barriers, they work with courageous farmers through adventures, triumphs and tragedies…to learn that we are all One in the heart.




New Book!   Stones of Fire, The Spidy Chronicles, Book 3

Escaping certain death in a desert Void, they’d crossed a vast Billows sea seeking freedom in the fabled Newzland. But paradise lasts less than a day as an exploding volcano forces the mob to flee, hounded by a marauding band of Northerners intent on destroying them. New prophecies guide them in a race south to establish a stronghold of safety with remnants of Maori and Newzlander survivors.

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Cooper Hill


Cooper Hill