The Entity Chronicles

Rescuing injured blue-leather alien, Eli, from Earth-bound Enforcers seemed a simple thing at the time, but stranded far from Earth, Kate, Eli and sentient onboard, Honey, encounter the Entity-I and are forever changed. Kate becomes a pawn in a deadly confrontation with a cold alien race, and must answer questions deep within her Earth-born soul: What determines that one is Human?  Who is one’s true family?

The Keiratus nation’s newest hero, Kate Lightfeather is dying, stripped of some essential element in a nearly-aborted transfer from Earth. A mythical Earth-legend, the Phoenix firebird, suddenly appears, unbidden and lures a Keiratus medical officer into a trap, drawing Kate and four companions back to Earth to face a world of danger and adventure and challenging the Keiratus to save Earth from an encroaching and Universe-consuming threat, the NAWL.

As the Keiratus’ most favored citizens, five top Commanders are sent on a rescue mission to save the gentle inhabitants of a planet being destroyed by colliding star clusters. But the Nyrlka are not as they first appear, and Srin and Kate must decide if they are worth saving, or if rescuing will jeopardize the parity, balance and harmony of the universe, putting their own lives and the entire Keiratus at risk.

Leaving Earth by Cooper Hill Books

Leaving Earth

When Eli, a blue-leather alien crash-lands on Earth, free-spirited and chaste state-supported artist, K.O. Lightfeather is forced into a desperate race to save him from the repressive society she lives apart from. Trapped aboard Eli’s disabled ship, Kate encounters a strange being calling itself the Entity-I-Undivided which gifts a portion of itself to her, creating a new life form in the Universe. Adjusting and adapting rapidly to several new alien environments, Kate finds a home and her first friends forever, discovering what determines that one is Human and who is one’s true family as she joins forces with the Keiratus nation to defeat an ancient enemy.

Phoenix Rising by Cooper Hill Books

Phoenix Rising

The Keiratus nation’s newest hero, Earthian Kate Lightfeather is dying, her systems failing. A mythic legend, the Phoenix, interferes with efforts to save her and draws her to Earth, into a world of danger and adventure, challenging the Keiratus to save not only Earth and all life upon it, but themselves too, from an all consuming threat, the NAWL.

High on an icy Andean plateau, the not-so-mythical Phoenix, a firebird, forces Kate, Srin and Eli, three Keiratus-nation heroes, through a series of deadly tests before it will reveal why it has summoned them to Earth. But they suspect it is to defeat an imminent alien all-consuming malevolent force called the NAWL. To survive, the group must break Keiratus rules of non-interference and enlist the aid of Kate’s old nemesis, an Earth Enforcer named Yohst. Can they solve the NAWL riddle in time? Will they choose to protect the Earth rebels’ fledgling re-entry into space? Or will the NAWL succeed in destroying them all?

Chasing Nyrlkas by Cooper Hill Books

Chasing Nyrlkas


How can anything so adorable, engaging, and cuddly cause so much trouble or be so untrustworthy? How do these symbiotes change from particle to wave and back, disappearing at will? How do you rescue or even contain quantum light packets of intelligent energy?

With a planet rapidly destabilizing, a simple Keiratus rescue and relocation mission erupts into chaos as the Nyrlkas wreak havoc at every turn, running amuck and spreading ‘too much joy’.

Meanwhile an Anomaly pierces the fabric of space-time, swallowing one of Srin’s Command ships. The ship reappears but with four additional life forms aboard, and enthralled, two mid-young Nyrlkas steal an Explorer vessel and disappear into unknown shunts with the ‘liberated’ new life forms on ‘an heroic adventure’.

The chase is on as Srin, his Entity-I converted companions and Command ships track the young Nyrlkas through one catastrophic shunt after another, and three planets in their path will never be the same.

Insurrection back at the Hub, an onboard spy, and an aggressive deadly parasite spark even more bedlam in Chasing Nyrlkas. Who will survive?

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